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VenEsperanza is part of the following coordination groups that work with migrants and returnees from Venezuela and promote awareness-raising activities for migrants, refugees, returnees and host communities in Colombia:

The Interagency Group on Mixed Migratory Flows (GIFMM) was created in 2016. It is co-led by IOM and UNHCR. It functions as a coordination space for the response to the refugee and migrant situation in Colombia. It has 75 members, including UN agencies, international and local NGOs, and the Red Cross. The GIFMM coordinates the response to the needs of refugees, migrants, returnees and host populations, both at the national level and through local presence in 14 departments in a complementary manner to the Colombian Government's response.

The Colombia Cash Working Group (GTM for its initials in Spanish) was created in 2016 and works to ensure a coordinated, harmonized, effective and efficient response in interventions using cash transfers (vouchers and cash) as a modality, for sectoral and multi-sectoral programming. The GTM supports actors responding to humanitarian responses.